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Mirage believes that its high standards benefiting customers cannot be maintained if its hardwood flooring products are sold via the internet. Though at first sight, products purchased online may appear less expensive, the customer in the end may pay more because of lasting harmful effects from the loss in service, quality, installation and authenticity.

Why does Mirage sell its hardwood flooring products exclusively through qualified distribitors and dealers?

  • Service Consumers who purchase hardwood floors should expect service both at and beyond the point of sale. Mirage provides customers with a network of trained, authorized dealers who are experts in the purchase and installation of hardwood flooring. They can also educate consumers throughout the buying process. These dealers support your local area, and are easily accessible for personal, hands-on service and support if needed.

  • Support Our network of dealers will help you select the appropriate wood technology for your specific application. They are knowledgeable in regards to the latest trends and ensure that you make the right choices for your lifestyle and desired look.

  • Specialized purchase Hardwood flooring is not a commodity item like buying a book or a compact disk, it is a natural product that requires special attention. Consumers will use their hardwood floors every day - an investment that will accent their homes for years. Buying flooring from a reputable dealer ensures that your flooring is sold, installed and serviced by highly trained, experienced professionals.

  • Installation Approved Mirage dealers can arrange installation by an experienced, trained professional who will properly install the floor to minimize waste, ensure the proper look and fit, and make sure that the flooring is safe and is installed in a manner that will prolong its life. Trusting the installation process to an untrained technician could risk consumer safety and the overall appearance of the floor.

  • Freight issues If you purchase your hardwood flooring through the Internet you will be responsible for verifying the goods to ensure that they are not damaged or warped. This can be quite an endeavor for non-experienced customers. Furthermore, if the goods are damaged and a claim needs to be filed for replacement, the delivery company will likely contest the claim and attempt to prove that the issue is not their fault. In all, a lot of time, aggravation and extra cost could result.

  • Product quality With the proliferation of foreign wood manufacturers and other imitation products, you need to know that the Mirage high-quality hardwood flooring that you desire is in the box. Buying from approved dealers assures that what you receive is authentic.

  • After-sales service Your local dealers will also be there after the sale is complete to help you maintain your floor and assist with repairs.

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